Mandalay HOA Community

Project Overview

Mandalay is an HOA in Bradenton, FL. Homes are upscale in an environment that has beautiful waterworks, plants, and animals. Our website needed to fulfill various legal HOA requirements and be convenient resource for buyers and sellers.

The design is very clean, classy, modern, and legible for ADA compliance. We used a mandala motif as a background element and in creating the frames of the icons. Photography depicting wildlife is used throughout alongside the homes.

HOAs are legally required to post meeting minutes, HOA documents, and show policy information. Home owners can visit pages or drop down item which will jump down the page to save scrolling. The site architecture is divided by the 3 types of users, the buyers, sellers, and managers.

The admin is great for staff. Administrators are given access to password protected content. We also included a media management tool to allow administrators to place documents into folders.

What We Did

  • WordPress Web Design
  • On Page Optimization SEO
  • Document Management System
  • Restricted Access for Admins

Platform Used

  • WordPress
  • Elementor
Mandalay Computer devices
Mandalay Desktop mobile
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