Search Engine Optimization Services

Get maximum exposure to quality traffic with an optimized website.

Benefits of SEO

High Quality Traffic

Market your website to your ideal customer by matching a search with the relevant content.

Increased Revenue

Site visitors from organic SEO have 7 times the conversion rate of digital advertising.

Adds Credibility

Showing up at the top to make your business seem authoritative and deserving of the position.

Longterm Sales

Once an ad completes the benefits are lost while SEO keeps bringing high converting sales.

Full Sales Funnel Coverage

Target customers at all stages of the funnel from blog posts to product pages.

Supports Content Marketing

Your content marketing and SEO efforts go hand-in-hand for a more informative web experience.

Start with a researched SEO strategy

A keyword is a word or phrase that someone types into Google. The first step in SEO is selecting the best words to get customers onto your website. This will set the foundation for everything else.

Ideally, you want words with higher search volume and lower difficulty. It is our job to research these opportunities to get more people onto your website. We use the best search engine optimization tools to set realistic goals and outline a game plan.​

A smart strategy will find words that will drive the most traffic.

Keyword Optimization
Onpage Optimization

On-Page Optimization

Optimization tells Google what a page is about and that it is relevant to a search. We have a long search engine optimization checklist based on industry standards and experience. We place keywords the right amount of times in important areas. We discover and mix into content related words which will further help search engines understand your topic. You need an expert to not overdo things but also push the limits of what is allowed.

Excellent optimization can out-compete a website with many more backlinks.

Post Launch SEO Checklist

We want to make sure your site working its best without technical issues. We have access to the best search engine optimization scanning tools where we look for errors. Speed is very important and we compress files and images for lightning fast results. After we know that your site is functioning at peak level, we submit our hard work to Google for crawling.

Some of our checklist includes:

Get Listed to Build Trust

Having your business listed across the web in various directories will build trust for your brand and Google. The more listings of your Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website across the internet, the better your ranking will be.

This is one of the most important things you can do as a local business. Getting links back to your website is hard to obtain, so this could give you a much needed boost in search results. We’ll fill out these citations with accurate information and optimized content. Some examples of citations include Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, and YP.

Getting links back to your website is hard to obtain, so this could give you a much needed boost in search results.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

All initial SEO should be completed flawlessly because ongoing SEO can be time consuming and costly. If your monthly advertising budget allows, you should invest in these marketing efforts. There are other factors that will contribute to climbing in the search engines.

Having links from other websites is still very important. Earning a link often requires creativity, networking, and money. Add content regularly for your niche. This will earn you links and is a good signal to Google.

Tell us your goals and budget so we can provide a cost effective solution that stretches your advertising dollar.
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Our SEO efforts are built for long-term success.

During our whole web design process, we have search engine optimization in mind. The two are interrelated in every way. Our attention to detail will give you the edge you need in competitive markets.

Frequent Questions About SEO

To start, we can guess words to describe the main category of your business. For example, a plumber would use “plumber” or “plumbing services”. We’ll couple this with analyzing what words your competitors are using.

Good keyword search engine optimization looks at 2 main things during keyword analysis: 1. How many searches does this phrase get? 2. How difficult is it to rank for the search term? We use a tool that scans a database of 7 billion keywords. We will also analyze the top 10 results for difficulty and the user’s intent. We make an informed decision that will maximize traffic. Ideally, we want easy to rank with lots of searches.

It is vital to your search engine optimization strategy that Google understands what your web page is about. First we make sure that the keyword phrase is used at least once in the title, the url, a main heading, and few other places. Finding a good density is key – too much could be spammy and too little could yield weaker results.
We also add similar words to your main keyword phrase like for example “running” is a synonym of “jogging”. This will make the content seem more natural and remove uncertainty. These are referred to as LSI keywords.
When developing content for SEO, we make sure that related words are on the page. Google knows about words that are commonly clustered together. This will assist in understanding the overall topic. For “running” related words like “marathon”, “5K”, and “training” help the topic be understood.

Ongoing search engine marketing includes:

  • Regular content writing and blogs for search terms on your website.
  • Outreach to other websites to link back to your site
  • Slowly creating citations over time on listing websites
  • Writing guest blogs on other websites for links
  • Fixing errors and adjusting things for algorithm changes.

We do ongoing search engine marketing for clients who have the budget. If you would like this SEO service, ask about it during your consultation. Your budget, goals, and our workload will determine if we’re a good fit.

Your SEO at site launch will be a well thought out strategy that is usually good-to-go. Generally a combination of time and the acquisition of backlinks will further improve your standings in Google. If we don’t do your ongoing search engine marketing, we can refer you to some companies who have achieved great results for past clients.

This all depends on how competitive your industry is. More competitive terms could take 6 months to a year. Less competitive terms could be a couple of weeks. We will give you some realistic goals and what should be expected. It will be difficult to outrank a website with 1000 backlinks if you only have 3. However, if your keyword phrase is more specific, your page could have higher results.

One of our clients had a well optimized site. We did nothing for one year and it gradually improved. So time is your friend. But we would highly recommend adding regular fresh content, acquiring backlinks, and earning a strong social following.

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