Ecommerce Website

Our ecommerce stores are designed to make your customers find, desire, and buy your products.
Easy to Manage
Manage products, orders, customers, everything... from the user-friendly admin area.
Designed for Conversion
Customers will find what they want and have a flawless cart and checkout experience.
Optimized for Search
Have products show up in Google search with sophisticated SEO integrations.
Find Products Fast
Advanced search and filtering systems make finding products in stores a breeze.
Flexible Shipping
Integrated with all popular carriers. Modify pricing based on virtually any condition.
Custom Solutions
We'll fulfill your unique project requirements: design, shipping, payments, special features.

A memorable shopping experience to close sales

  • ATTENTION – Grab customers with interesting content and appealing layouts.
  • INTEREST – Show the value that your products provide with benefits.
  • DESIRE – Detailed presentation and special offers will make the customer say: ‘I need this!’.
  • ACTION – We’ll make it easy to buy with good call to actions and a flawless checkout.

Every step in our design process works to convert store visitors into customers.

Easy to find and buy

Customers need multiple ways to find what they want and fast – or else they’ll get frustrated and leave.

  • Products are neatly organized into categories in the navigation menu.
  • Our advanced search feature can auto-fill as the user types into search fields. A preview of the product is shown.
  • We have a filter system that can narrow down products without refreshing the page. Great for large stores.
Years of Experience
WooCommerce Development
Satisfied Clients

Your customers will connect with your brand on an emotional level.

A pleasant shopping experience will make it much easier to close your next sale. A well-designed store conveys trust and relieves any unneeded confusion. Our stores are powerful, simple, organized, and tailored for your target audience.

Powerful and Easy to Manage Ecommerce Website

Out-of-the-box WooCommerce is very powerful ecommerce website system. Here are some of the many things which you can do:
  • Easily create, update, and delete products
  • Manage customers and send email notifications
  • Control shipping sitewide or for individual products
  • Create sales and coupon codes
  • Print shipping labels
  • Limit access to some admin pages for your hired help
  • Sales and tracking data presented visually

Learn more about WooCommerce by visiting the official site.

Whatever your unique project requirements are, we can find a solution. We have worked with a wide range of different clients, so we know the best tools to use.

Optimized to drive Traffic

Keyword Research

A smart SEO strategy will drive high amounts of quality traffic to your store. We deliver content to visitors at all stages of your sales funnel.  Here is how we have delivered results for past clients.

  • Make the website as user friendly as possible to lower bounce rate
  • Analyze industry leaders to understand what successful sites are doing
  • Find the best keywords striving for high traffic and lower competition words
  • Add keywords to important parts of pages, blog posts, and product pages
  • Create niche target-audience-specific landing pages
  • Create shareable content on your website and other marketing channels
  • Optimize images to be found on Google image search
  • Show review stars under search results for products

Ecommerce Website Tracking and Conversion Tools

Google Analytics
We can set up Ecommerce Reports which will analyze customer activity on your website. Data collected includes transaction information for products, conversion time, buyer journey through pages, average order value, and more.
Get live recordings of users on your site. Heatmaps show customer behaviors in the way they click, move, and scroll through the page. Make adjustments to areas that need improvement for more sales.
Get updates on how your website is performing in the search engines with regular weekly reports. We’ll register a set of keywords to be tracked and the system will notify us of changes. Also your site is constantly audited for errors.
A/B test various parts of your website. These can be served at set intervals or random. The process is automated and completely configurable. Test parts of your site and use the winning results to create a better shopping experience.
facebook retargeting
Facebook retargeting puts your brand in front of customers who have interacted with your website. Often, these warm audiences have shown interest but not purchased. These ads can be very specific based on pages that were visited.
google retargeting
With setup of Google retargeting, customers will see your ad as they surf certain websites and apps in the display network. This can be a great way to increase brand recognition. Create a warmer relationship with your customers.

Ecommerce Website Tracking and Conversion Tools

Large Stores
Having customers find products in large stores can be challenging. Our methods work with multiple types of customers. Our advanced search, visual product filter system, or organized megamenus make tracking down a desired product easy.
We can create a Membership system that will provide members only access to pages and protect documents. Payments can be one-time or subscription based with reminder notifications. Monetize and protect your premium content.
Paid Events
An events manager which is tied to a calendar can be connected to a store. Tickets can be assigned to your next big event with a unique barcode generated at purchase. We have multiple solutions for your specific project requirements.
Wholesale Pricing
If you would like certain store features and different pricing to be available for vendors, than a Wholesaler website is for you. Vendors can sign up and be approved by an admin. Give special access and wholesaler only perks. Management is easy.
Booking and Reservations
If you provide a service that requires payment for a time slot with limited availability, than a booking reservation system is for you. Avoid paying the booking fee from 3rd party apps with a WooCommerce booking solution.
Digital Products
Sell your digital products and services on your ecommerce website. The setup is less complicated than shipped products. If you have a digital asset, this can be sent through email after purchase. Or it can be listed in your customer's account.

Our Ecommerce Store Process

1. Discovery
We learn the unique value of your products so that we can tailor the sales presentation to your customers.
2. Design
Our team will design a memorable shopping experience that your customers will love.
3. Configure
We configure all store settings including payments, taxes, shipping, coupons, and email notifications.
4. Launch
After site launch, we test the shopping experience and functionality in all modern browsers and devices.

Frequent Ecommerce Store Questions

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