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Search Engine Optimized

We research, strategize, and optimize your site to bring high quality traffic from Google.

Targeted Messaging

We will communicate what your business or nonprofit does, and why it is valuable to your target audience.

Desktop / Mobile Perfection

Your website will have a great user experience on all devices – from phones to large computers.

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Why Starwheel Websites?

Starwheel Websites is a web design company in Bradenton, FL that will grow your business without stretching your advertising budget. Your website is the hub for all of your online marketing. Our detail-oriented team will drive high quality web traffic and turn those visitors into customers. How? By going above and beyond in our design and sales presentation. Call our Bradenton website company for a friendly and informative consultation.

Website Services and
Digital Marketing

Web Design Bradenton & Sarasota

Web Design

We’ll create intuitive user experiences based on your goals. The visitor is taken through a journey down the page. Our style adapts to your brand so we’ll use colors, fonts, and images in creative ways. We can add almost any functionality you require with our coding experience.

Web hosting Bradenton

Website Hosting

Remove the burden of hosting the website yourself. OR if you are disappointed with another web hosting company, switch to us. We have decades of experience. We take every measure to back up your data and keep things up to date & secure. Our servers are lightning fast which is great for Google and user experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Launch higher into the search results. We look to find keywords that will generate the most traffic. Our strategy is all about getting the right people to your site with the correct intent. On site liftoff, we go through a technical checklist, so you can start off with some fuel behind you.


We’ll create something powerful and easy to update with our WordPress skills. We build stunning front end designs and user-friendly admin experiences. If you have a specific project requirement, don’t worry. We’ll find a solution for you. We can handle projects both large or small.

Ecommerce Website


We specialize in building online stores for small businesses. Your website customers will find what they want quickly. Our shipping solutions will save you and your customers money. Our stores integrate with your favorite payment gateway and calculate taxes. Whatever you need, we’ll find a solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our web design company handles every client differently. After booking a call with our web design agency, we’ll learn more about your specific goals and your budget. There are a number of factors that go into building a website that affect the price:

  1. Website customization. If you want something more template based, than the web design hours will be significantly less. With a more customized web solution, you will get our very best design work with careful attention integrating your brand.
  2. The number of pages. A 1 page website puts all of the information about a company onto a landing page. Typically a small business or organization website will have 4-6 pages with a blog. We’ve done websites with 50 pages for larger organizations or corporations.
  3. The type of website and required features. A store, a membership website, a booking website, an events manager, or a real estate MLS would be more complicated to setup than a contractor website. We provide WordPress website solutions that often have many complicated pieces.

We usually complete the average small business website within 2 months. This generally gives our clients time to send images and answer client questions. The number of web pages, customization, features, and client responsiveness will have an effect on the web design deadline.

When it comes to web design, we have an extremely efficient workflow. We can try to meet your deadline much sooner, provided you have things ready to go. Also, we offer a ‘Coming Soon’ page which can be a simplified version of your eventual website. During our web design consultation, we’ll figure out an appropriate deadline.

Our typical client seeking web design services is a small business owner with around 20 or fewer employees OR a non-profit organization. We have worked with larger corporations too. Larger companies usually require extra attention to messaging and design often goes through more revisions. However, we give all clients our best regardless of size.

Over the years, we’ve ended up specializing in some unique categories. There is no real typical client and we haven’t decided on focusing on a particular niche. We can work with anyone and welcome your business. Your project will benefit from our diverse web design experience. We’ve likely worked with a business like yours in the past.

Yes! We often work with other marketing agencies. If you require any services we don’t offer, or if you feel you’d benefit from another firm, we’d be happy to refer you to more experts. If you have a marketing agency in mind, we’ll be very responsive and get them whatever they need.

At Starwheel, we specialize in getting you all of the one-off digital marketing items that you need to fuel your online success. You will have a website that all marketing agencies can work with. Nearly all of the tools we use are the industry standard. Your site will be very fast which marketing agencies will love because a slow site will affect conversion rate.

We are also a guide (insert star wheel metaphor) through the confusing digital universe. So we can recommend a good strategy to pursue. For example, if you are a plumber we might recommend Google Ads and not Facebook marketing. If our workload is too high to offer you this service, we’ll find the appropriate digital marketing agency to meet your goals.

Yes! We love having an ongoing work relationship. Many of our clients have us on a set retainer where they receive unlimited changes per month. We also can do work at our admin hourly rate of $65/hr which can be pro-rated to half-hour. If you ever require custom web development to enhance your website, we can either determine a fixed price or work hourly. So just know that after the site is done, we’re here to help and we welcome your business.

After everything is finalized we start work right away. Below is our process.

1. First we send you client questions that are appropriate for every business or organization when designing a website. These allow us to better understand your goals, your target audience, and the information needed to create a good sales presentation. We find it productive to have a long Q and A phone call as well.

2. We look at your competition locally as well as national leaders. Knowing what your market is doing will help guide us on the appropriate design and messaging choices. Also, we look at the Google search results and strategize ways of generating organic search engine traffic.

3. We start designing based on our research and your answers. After some back and forth, we create something you’ll be proud of that will resonate with your target audience.

4. We have liftoff. Your site is launched and we make sure our technical SEO checklist is implemented. We install tracking so we can look at the data and make adjustments for a more effective website.

We use a few very streamlined and fast WordPress themes. Most of the user interface elements are created with a designer-friendly page builder, giving us full customization capabilities and creative control. We may use templates for some layouts to save time and keep the price lower. They are a great starting point that we heavily customize. At Starwheel, we have developed over 50 WordPress layout starters that look amazing.

You’ll be communicating with web designer Bernard, a WordPress expert with over 15 years experience working with small business owners and organizations. He has great communication skills to manage your project and relay to our web development team everything that needs to get done. He’ll be your guide through every step of the web design process and after launch.

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