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Our ultimate goal in web design is to clearly communicate your value and to create a lasting impression that is unique and memorable.
Web Design Bradenton & Sarasota

Mobile / Tablet Friendly

Our sites look great on every device. We mean it! We're meticulous.

Targeted Messaging

With lots of research and communication, we'll find ways to inspire your customers to buy.

Easy / Fast Updates

Our designs use a drag/drop page builder for WordPress. Save money and feel empowered. It's all visual with no stress.

Search Engine Optimized

All websites go through a long checklist for Google search success. It's the rock your marketing is built on.

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Website design built to drive conversions

Our web design company located in Bradenton, FL has worked with a wide range of different businesses and organizations. Our goal has always been to deliver the ultimate web solution that is creative, affordable, and effective. We’d love the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

Web design that is unique and memorable

You need a website that stands out from your competitors – there’s a lot of noise! At Starwheel, we always try to go that extra light year to create an impact. We both draw from our vast design experience and explore new frontiers. Your company voice is unique and our design choices reflect that. Get responsive web design that is tested and perfected for every device. Let’s make something memorable together!

On-page optimization

Websites that tell your story and show your value

Your website should be the salesman that never stops. At Starwheel, we make sure that your value is communicated to the correct target audience. We’ll act as your guide, that asks you the right questions about your business – to help you help us – in the marketing. We will take this information and communicate your story and value. We have many go-to layouts and marketing strategies that have been shown to convert visitors into customers. It’s your unique voice inside a proven system.

Smart web solutions for every industry

We can build complicated systems such as e-commerce stores, membership websites, booking systems, integrated 3rd party software, complex blogs, and custom admin experiences. Although we’ve developed in other platforms, we almost exclusively develop in WordPress. It is the ultimate content management system with endless web development opportunities. Talk with us about your idea and we’ll tell you the sky is the limit.

Most of the WordPress website design we do uses the Elementor page builder.

Our Web Design Process

1. Discovery

We interview you to understand your goals, your target audience, and the information needed to create a good sales presentation.

2. Research

We look at your competition locally as well as national leaders. We make design, messaging, and SEO decisions from research.

3. Design

We create something you’ll be proud of that will resonate with your target audience and stay true to your brand.

4. Launch

We make sure our technical SEO checklist is implemented. We install tracking so we can look at the data and make adjustments.

Frequent Questions About Web Services

We aim to provide you with a great user experience that feels perfect on every device – from small phones to big iMacs. The technologies we use allow us to adapt the content in a way that is visually perfect. Our attention to detail has no awkward spacing or type styles, an adapting user interface, and layouts that are separately optimized for conversion rate. The Starwheel treatment means it looks perfect, not sloppy.

We generally say 2 months for a medium-sized 5-8 page website. If all of the content was ready and there were not many revisions, we could probably get the site done in 1 week. We’ve done smaller websites in a few days. However, we recommend taking time to have the right messaging and allowing us time to experiment. During our initial call, we’ll decide and stick to a reasonable time frame. We meet our deadlines.

You will be working with Bernard, the owner of Starwheel and project manager. This isn’t a big web design agency where you get a receptionist and have to wait for a callback. Simply email, call or text. He has great people skills and experience working with a wide range of different businesses and organizations. So whatever questions you have, he’s heard before and likely solved a similar problem. You get a one-on-one open line of communication throughout the whole process.

Responsive web design means that the layout of a website will change based on screen width. Generally, mobile websites are a more simple layout. Most layouts are 1 column. This is because the content would be very squished if the layouts behaved like larger screens. Desktop layouts are more complicated with layouts that span between 1 or 5+ columns. Layouts on the tablet could be any of these or something in between.

The way we code this is that there are certain screen width dimensions where layouts change. This is called a breakpoint. If the screen width is 767px and above, we are at the tablet and the layout will change. If we are at 1024px and above we are at Desktop and the layout will be the most complex.

We specialize in conversion optimization. You want to communicate/convince/manipulate ‘why’ someone should buy from you. And make it easy to buy. Here is what we generally do:

  • Have a clear simplified message on the home page. This should communicate what you do and the ultimate value you provide.
  • Highlight features and benefits – stressing benefits which is what the customer really cares about.
  • Incorporate your unique value proposition in a headline
  • Communicate empathy by highlighting pain points and proposing your product/service/organization as the solution.
  • Show products/services/pages with an ability to learn more. This is good for users in the research phase.
  • Establish trust. This can be done with testimonials, show logos of affiliation like as seen on TV/websites/publications etc. or memberships.
  • Use ‘by the numbers’ to show accomplishments.
  • Have a good call to action. Make this very prominent and easy to access.
  • Outline step-by-step process showing the customer how to get started. This complements the call to action.

Some DIY solutions have some pretty decent tools. This is good if you’re on a really tight budget and have good computer skills. However, with DIY, you’re still doing the marketing, design, SEO, etc. A true web professional would do a much better job.

WordPress can do so much more. And the Elementor page builder for WordPress is far superior. We rarely code it’s all visual now too. So the “you don’t need to code” applies to WordPress design too. I would say if you wanted to do it yourself, stay away from WordPress. The initial learning curve is too much. But as a client, our WordPress-based system is the most user-friendly out there. So by hiring us you get the most powerful, user-friendly, and robust option.

I would say if your budget is around $500, that you’re in the DIY category. Maybe hire us later with a larger budget or ask about one of our payment plans.

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Finding the right company will make all the difference in the universe. Let’s talk about your business or organization. We’ll go above and beyond to help you reach your goals.