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Rest easy knowing that you have a web host that's optimizing, protecting, and supporting your presence online.
Over 99% Uptime
We monitor all websites we host and are alerted of any issues. Our techs fix it right away.
Daily Backups
Every morning we create a backup of all files. We upload a backup weekly to cloud storage.
Weekly Updates
WordPress and all plugins require frequent updates. Let us keep you up-to-date and save you time.
Super Fast
Our Hosting uses the fastest servers that are optimized to make WordPress go at light speed.
Very Secure
We have years of experience in preventing and removing malware and other threats.
Dedicated Support
You have an assigned expert always available for help or to address an issue.
Years of Experience
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WordPress web hosting that goes that extra light year!

Save yourself time and frustration. Have Starwheel host your website. Rest easy knowing that you’re all backed up if something goes wrong. You have a dedicated partner that is keeping things fast, secure, and working.

WordPress Website Maintenance

Once your website has launched and it is hosted somewhere, it must be maintained. As web hosting maintenance professionals, we’ll backup, protect, and update your website regularly. We have the experience to handle any situation that may arise.

Good web hosting maintenance ensures that your site is running on the latest software. Take advantage of the new features and security patches. With daily backups, you don’t have to worry about losing anything. With snapshots, we can go back in time and retrieve text and images as they were. Our web hosting support has years of experience and can sort most things out within the hour.

Web Maintenance
Web Hosting Security

Web Hosting Security

Web security should never be overlooked. Whatever your industry, no matter how small, someone is always trying to break in. At Starwheel we take security very seriously.

You could lose time and money with an online store. Or give access to private documents and information. Once they’re in, it’s hard to get them out, because they come back. We’ve battled these hacker bots for years. As a website host, we take every preventative measure possible to ensure protection. In the rare case your site is hacked, we have strict post-hack protocols that we follow. No sites we’ve hosted have ever been hacked.

Speed Optimized Hosting

If a site is slow, visitors will grow impatient and leave. Lost visitors means lost income. Also, Google wants users to find sites that load fast. Don’t get penalized.

We truly stand apart from the competition regarding speed. WordPress is an amazing platform. But if not optimized, it can be slow. Our web hosting service uses secret speed tricks to make your website fast. Check out the FAQ below for specifics. While we host your website, we’ll always put speed in the forefront. It is something we monitor and take seriously with verifiable results.

We use the fastest WordPress web hosting servers.

Speed optimization
Speed optimization
Speed optimization

My name is Bernard and I’ll be your go-to guy for all of your web maintenance needs. I’ve been maintaining websites for over 15 years, so I have the experience to solve nearly any issue. I work with more than 10 dedicated WordPress hosting technicians to automate, optimize, monitor, and protect websites I host. As a WordPress web developer, I have a complete understanding of front-end, admin, and server-side issues. Rest easy knowing that when I host your website, that your business is in good hands.

Bernard Sokolowski

Owner / Hosting Guru
Bernard Sokolowski

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