Project Overview

rtdIQ is an internal package tracking software used by businesses, organizations, schools, and governments. For Google ranking and site visitors, the website communicated what the software does immediately. On the home page above the fold, we have text that says specifically 'internal package tracking' with a rotating demo of the different stages of using the software.

We art directed with the business owner, who wrote the script, an app explainer video. The video showed a common customer in a common situation using the product to make life easier. The video includes voiceover, animations, type animations, and a nice soundtrack.

The overall look of the website fits the brand colors, fonts, and style. Being this is software, we wanted the style to be modern, techy, sophisticated, and clean  – kind of like apple computers. Most of the icons and backgrounds are flat minimal line art. Most of the images are stock photos that we carefully curated to fit the style. The main goal was to have users 'Schedule a Demo'.

We provided most of the copywriting in-house. We crafted headlines and organized information based on our client's responses to questions.

The landing pages other than company pages were Solutions and Industry. Solutions have more to do with different main category applications of the software. These landing pages were highly keyword researched and projected to have the most traffic. Examples include mailroom management and asset tracking. The industry pages had a more niche lower-traffic application with a likely higher conversion rate. Examples include for schools, government, etc. All content was highly researched and planned for the one-time search engine launch.

What We Did

  • Content Writing
  • Web Design
  • Video Art Directon
  • Custom Icon Set
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO

Platform Used

  • Wordpress
  • Elementor

Other Work

Lacosta Condo Rentals are rentals in 1 larger building on Anna Maria Island directly on the beach with many beautiful gulf views. The project required pages promoting the place, amenities, and area. Users can search for rentals with live updates. These sync to their external booking calendar.

Agape Flights is a non-profit that sends airplanes full of mail and supplies to missionaries in the Carribean. They wanted a modernized website that organized their many pages, clearley communicated what they do, and provided multiple ways people can help or donate.

Monumental Plumbing Operations wanted a traditional plumbing contractor website with some style and premium attention to detail. We communicated benefits, services offered, and made it easy to contact. This is an example of our model contractor web solution.

Other Work

bFitnWell offers services to both athletes and those seeking aesthetic treatments. They wanted a website that spoke to these 2 audiences equally and informed users about each treatment, how they work, and their value. The presentation needed to be accessible and organized.

Complete Care Aesthetics is affiliated with Complete Care's primary care office. We have common elements to their sister website but designed a more modern clean look. They wanted to communicate the treatments available and to showcase their patient transformation.

ClinicMind develops software for EHR, credentialing, and billing. We created many landing pages for various target audiences on Google. The website has a very technological sophistication with a clean, modern, legible style.

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