Monument Plumbing Solutions

Project Overview

Monumental Plumbing Operations is using many marketing tactics and layouts we’ve tested over the years with great results.

The home page opening text/image does not have poor cropping or text that’s hard to read over images. This style has some design interest and is very flexible for adjusting text without breaking the layout.

We followed a highly effective script we often employ in these types of websites. Benefits are communicated right away with icons. Some content for SEO is above eye-catching services leading to those landing pages. An expanded list of services below which may highlight a user’s problem. A service area was drawn on Google Maps and embedded. And a very convenient way to get started having the booking form on the home page.

Other pages were more informative. Like the Plumbing page went into detail about specific plumbing services. These pages are great for users in the research phase. It is also good for Google search to have a highly optimized page.

What We Did

  • Content Consulting
  • Web Design
  • Google Map Service Area
  • Technical SEO

Platform Used

  • Wordpress
  • Elementor
Monument plumbing devices
Monument Plumbing Solutions desktop mobile
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