Cool Beans A.M.I.

Project Overview

Cool Beans AMI is a coffee shop on the north end tip of Anna Maria Island. The place has a vibe that blends upscale Anna Maria, a laid-back island lifestyle, and Rasta chill. All of our design choices were made to capture the atmosphere and culture of the cafe. We spent many days up there drinking the amazing coffee. The site design is casual, happy, and colorful.

The location is gorgeous so we used a drone video (shot by another company) that captured the environment. We did all of the photography mixing DSLR and iPhone shots of the interior and exterior place. The layouts we used had overlapping collages. 1 image couldn't tell the story as good as 3 or 4.

The coffee is premium and not the cheapest on the market. We had to explain to people what goes into making the coffee taste so good. We showed benefits through icons and told a 'coffee story' of the quality-controlled journey from farm to brewed cup.

We recorded the owner Ben passionately talking about his coffee beans and mission. Then we wrote all the copy for the pages based on the audio. This workflow is something we plan on doing for other busy business owners moving forward.

What We Did

  • Content Writing
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Custom Icons
  • Technical SEO

Platform Used

  • WordPress
  • Elementor

Other Work

Lacosta Condo Rentals are rentals in 1 larger building on Anna Maria Island directly on the beach with many beautiful gulf views. The project required pages promoting the place, amenities, and area. Users can search for rentals with live updates. These sync to their external booking calendar.

Agape Flights is a non-profit that sends airplanes full of mail and supplies to missionaries in the Carribean. They wanted a modernized website that organized their many pages, clearley communicated what they do, and provided multiple ways people can help or donate.

Monumental Plumbing Operations wanted a traditional plumbing contractor website with some style and premium attention to detail. We communicated benefits, services offered, and made it easy to contact. This is an example of our model contractor web solution.

Other Work

Bay2Bay Tours provides customized private boat tours around Anna Maria Island. They wanted something that captured the vibe of Anna Maria but also was an elegant, elite experience. Each tour needed their own descriptive landing page to show all of the premium offerings.

Woofs on Wood Street is a pet grooming salon with a spa-like experience. The main goal was to make everything look upscale, establish trust, and make pet owners feel that their dogs would be treated like royalty. All of the products, food, and services are of the best quality. They wanted something to stand apart with well-designed elegance.

Modern Chop Steakhouse is a new steakhouse serving cocktails and delicious menu of steak, dinners, desserts, and a large cocktail and drink menu. The place has contemporary modern vibe.

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