Complete Care Aesthetics

Project Overview

Complete Care Aesthetics is an extension of the Complete Care Group, a primary care office. We incorporated brand colors, type, and some design elements to connect both websites in style. However, the aesthetics website has a look all its own. The overall design was more modern, clean, and feminine.

On the home page opener section, we showed a slideshow of the various treatments, while keeping the hero text stationary. The other landing pages had this opener as well. Users can get an understanding of what the office does with a clear unified message.

Before and After pictures were used in galleries for demonstrating the transformation. To stay organized, in the admin area, we used a folder structure to place pictures for each treatment.

The website is very legible, content is broken up with sections and images, and design interest is maintained with pixel-perfect attention to detail.

What We Did

  • Copywriting Consulting
  • Web Design
  • Logo Modification
  • Technical SEO

Platform Used

  • Wordpress
  • Elementor
Complete care computer and devices
Complete Care desktop mobile
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