All Things Heating and Cooling

Project Overview

All Things Heating and Cooling (ATHC) is an HVAC Company in Wyandotte Michigan. Our design plays off of the contrasting heat and cool design elements. We developed separate landing pages for these HVAC solutions. Both shared a common maintenance, service, and repair. Also ATHC works with indoor air quality.

We used the bold bluer colors of cooling with the warmer accent colors of fire red/orange for buttons. This created a bold contrast. Type was very legible for users searching for a clear message. We used both snowflakes and the warm sun throughout. Air movement was expressed in background designs and gradients. The call to action section has a circular motif which is reminiscent of an air system.

Our website makes it very easy to schedule an appointment. A floating header always follows the user with a bold ‘Book Now’ button. Sign up forms are placed strategically. Pages are very interconnected because services are often purchased together.

We followed a traditional sales presentation that if highly effective for contractors: Services offered, unique value proposition, trust through social proof, and ‘Book Now’.

What We Did

  • WordPress Web Design
  • Web Development
  • On-Page SEO
  • Consulting

Platform Used

  • WordPress
  • Elementor
All thins heating and cooling computer and devices
All things Heating and Cooling Desktop Mobile
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